JODI Oil World Database now available!

Macrobond is pleased to announce that our database has been expanded with the Oil World Database from JODI (Joint Organizations Data Initiative), JODI Oil for short.

JODI Oil is a concrete outcome of the producer-consumer energy dialogue. The importance of exchanging data as a means to enhance transparency of global energy commodity markets is recognized by IEF Energy Ministers as being beneficial to energy security and in the interest of producers and consumers alike. JODI Oil provides reliable, harmonized, freely accessible and comprehensive statistics unlike any other in the world. Through the use of nationally sanctioned data, which can be difficult if not impossible to access through alternative avenues, JODI offers global coverage of consumption, production, import/export and stock levels for crude oil and petroleum products on a monthly basis.

JODI Oil consists of data from more than 90 countries or regions and the members of the six pioneer organizations (APEC, EUROSTAT, IEA, OLADE, OPEC and UNSD) that participate represent over 90% of global oil supply and demand. For more information about JODI please visit

The database consists of:

  • Ten product categories: Crude Oil, NGL, LPG, Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Kerosene Type Jet Fuel, Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil and Total Oil
  • Seven flows: Production, Demand, Refinery Intake, Imports, Exports and Closing Stock Levels
  • Data in three different units: barrels, barrels per day and tons
  • Data for more than 90 participating countries
  • Data from January 2002

The series have been integrated in the existing Tree structure for each country under for instance Foreign Trade or Stock Levels/Inventories. It is also available in: Economics – by source > JODI (Joint Organizations Data Initiative).

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