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Deeper insight on macroeconomic trends and new investment ideas from GaveKal

Macrobond has teamed up with GaveKal to offer its clients a new and unique service where GaveKal’s research and Macrobond’s research solutions are combined. The unique combination gives analysts and investors a ‘one-stop shop’ including financial data, models and indicators built with that data, and analysis and investment conclusions flowing from the models.

Powered by Macrobond’s data-charting and analytical application and GaveKal’s depth of experience and analyses, the service offers a unique service allowing insight across asset classes, regions and countries. It offers exclusive access to GaveKal’s databases, models, indicators and chart libraries. You can open charts directly on GaveKal’s website, download and automatically update the underlying data, and change parameters and formulas to experiment with alternative scenarios.

GaveKal is a financial services firm that offers institutional investors three different services: fund management, independent research on global macro-economic trends and events, and independent advisory work on China and its impact on the global economy. GaveKal is a founding partner of Macrobond.

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