Key Indicators & Actions available for Eurostat

Macrobond has continued its expansion of data from Eurostat and has now integrated the Key Indicators section. The Eurostat database contains macroeconomic and social statistics covering European Union (EU) Member states and many of the central European countries, Japan, the United States and the main economic partners of the EU.

The Key Indicators section includes statistics and ratios such as Investment to GDP, Net return on Capital, Net Debt-To-Income, Household Net Financial Assets, Household Saving rate and Gross Debt-To-Income Ratio of Households.

The Key Indicators data is available in the Macrobond Application under:

Eurostat -> Key Indicators

The Eurostat database also includes the following categories: Balance of Payments, Construction, Building and Civil Engineering, External Trade, Energy, Foreign Finance, Government & Public Finance, Labour Market, Production, Retail Trade & Services, Monetary Statistics, National Accounts and Prices, and is being continuously expanded.

Macrobond has also made available predefined Eurostat charts making it easy to find, compare and visualize the data. The predefined charts are available in Macrobond’s Browse Activity under Overview. Here you can look at overviews for countries and companies or look for specific time series and easily view them as charts, reports and tables.


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