New Style Sheets Available in Macrobond

Our data visualization experts have developed over a dozen style sheets that are now available to all Macrobond users. These can be used as alternative chart templates when you’re not using a corporate style sheet, or as inspiration to develop your own customized look. The color inspiration for these templates ranges from a cabin in the mountains to Wes Anderson’s movies. Take a look at some of our favorites below, or access all 18 of them directly in the application – the instructions for that can be found at the end of this article.

Special attention was paid to making charts legible, also for those with most color perception difficulties.

Style Sheet Highlights

Note: Some of the following charts were taken from the Macro n’ Cheese blog, a weekly market commentary by Macrobond’s chief economist, Roger Josefsson. We’re using them here to showcase 6 of our favorite style sheets.

1. Cabin in the Mountains

  • Inspired by photos taken in the Swiss Alps – cabins, brown cows and pastures
  • Works very well for multiple-series line charts, smaller stacked bar charts and bar charts with 1-series highlighted 


2. Earth & Sky

  • Slightly desaturated colors of nature. Yellow and black highlight series on top of calmer shades
  • Works well for all chart types


3. Emerald City

  • Green fields on the mountain, summer and emerald. Also reminiscent of the capital of Oz
  • Best for stacked area charts and other cascading chart types to create neat shaded charts, but grey and black can be used for highlighting


4. Vibrant 80s

  • 80’s vibe, electro, visibility
  • Designed for highly visible line charts


5. Violets by day

  • Flowers on green pastures and sun. Grey background makes colors pop, while keeping a calm feel
  • Designed to be versatile, looks great on all chart types


6. Wes Anderson’s movies

  • Inspired by the distinctive visuals of Anderson’s movies
  • Great for demography bar charts, small stacked bar charts, and area charts


Acccessing Macrobond’s new style sheets

To preview our new style sheets, or apply one of them to one of your own charts, open the style sheet options in the top menu of the application and click ‘select chart style sheet’.

In the window that opens, select the Macrobond library from the drop-down menu. Pick a style sheet and click OK, and it will be applied to your currently open chart. Clicking on a style sheet in this window will automatically allow you to preview what your chart would look like if the selected style sheet was applied (a feature added in Macrobond 1.21).

*Here’s the full list of all available style sheets. 

You can also open one of our new style sheets in the style sheet editor and use it as a base to create your own personalized template. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have feedback or would like help setting up a customized default style sheet.

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