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Macrobond Welcomes Mercatus Center as Client

Renowned research institute, Mercatus Center, to use the Macrobond macroeconomic data and analytics platform to produce research

We are very pleased to announce that Macrobond will supply our macroeconomic and financial data and analytics platform to Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

The Mercatus Center is a highly prestigious university-based research center that advances knowledge about how markets work to improve people’s lives by training graduate students, conducting research, and applying economics to offer solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

Having recently worked with Mercatus to add their NGDP Gap indicator to the Macrobond database, we are now pleased to welcome them as a client and look forward to ongoing collaboration with them.

About Macrobond Financial

Macrobond is a company that operates at the intersection of the tech industry and economic and financial research. The Macrobond platform optimizes the research process, from finding and analyzing data to communicating insights and outlooks, and simplify collaboration and resource management between teams. We have a broad range of users from central banks and asset managers to hedge funds, corporations, and research institutions. 

The company was started in Malmö, Sweden in 2008, where its headquarters remain. Since then it has grown by double digits every year and has gone on to open new offices in Szczecin, Gothenburg, London, New York, Hong Kong, Portugal, and Frankfurt.

For more information, or questions, please contact:
marketing [at]

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