Macrobond + Valueguard

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Valueguard to bring you Swedish house price data that is not available anywhere else. The Macrobond application provides a simple and highly efficient way to browse and analyse this data, by integrating the database with analytics, charting and communication tools. Examples of the indices you’ll find in this package include county, municipal,  and city-level breakdowns, for apartments and houses.  As well as breakdowns by dwelling size, and using different methodologies.



This licence will also give you access to the Mäklarpanelen index. The index is based on the expectations of a panel of Swedish real estate brokers that are surveyed on how they think prices will develop over the next three months relative to today. This survey is conducted on a weekly basis, in contrast to other similar surveys in which participants are polled less frequently, so you’ll be aware of potential shifts in the market with more immediacy than otherwise possible. The indicator is calculated using the difference in percentage between brokers who believe in an increase in prices, and those  who believe in a decline. The time series starts in January 2016. 


About Valueguard

Valueguard produces statistics and provides access to analytics and digital infrastructure for the Swedish housing market. Among other products, Valueguard produces the HOX indices showing price developments for apartments and houses in Sweden. HOX is distributed through Nasdaq and is a well-established measure of the development of the Swedish housing market. The statistics produced by Valueguard are used by SCB and the Riksbank, as a component of CPI, for example. Valueguard is used by thousands of users such as real estate brokers, real estate appraisers and analysts.


About Macrobond

The Macrobond application provides a powerful, user-friendly tool for accessing, analyzing and presenting Valueguard’s Swedish house price data. In addition to hosting commercial datasets, the application includes an extensive macroeconomic and financial database with near real time updates, easy-to-use tools for analysis, and impressive data visualization. The Macrobond application makes work-flow integration and standardization across offices or teams simple. The result is a powerful hub of data, tools and work product, seamlessly connected via the Macrobond application, and supported by personal service.


Get the data

If you are not already a Macrobond user and would like to access this data via the Macrobond application, feel free to contact us to arrange a demo or trial. If you are an existing Macrobond client, license agreements for Valueguard data are arranged directly with, and invoiced by Valueguard. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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