UK YouGov Polls, Malaysia Inflation, Italy Retail Trade and more

UK: Political party and UK EU referendum poll

This week’s data additions include a lot of poll data from YouGov, including favorable ratings, government Brexit handling, issues facing the country, prime minister, political parties and the UK EU referendum.

In this chart, we’ve plotted the polling data for all political parties and the current sentiment towards the referendum results. As seen in the chart, support of the conservative and labor party has been growing recently while the sentiment towards Brexit has remained continuously negative since the referendum.

Israel leading indicators  Italy retail trade  Malaysia contribution to inflation (Income group)  UK YouGov polls


Malaysia: Contribution to inflation income group below RM3000

We’ve also increased the granularity of our coverage of Malaysia’s CPI significantly by including inflation by income groups below RM3,000 as well as Urban & Rural areas.

In the chart below, we’ve calculated the contribution to inflation for the income group below RM 3000 and plotted it as a stacked column. The chart shows what drives the inflation rate especially for the lower income class of the population.


Italy: Retail trade by type of distribution

You can also find new data on retail trade in Italy by scale of distribution ranging from small and medium-size retailers to large ones, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets.

In the chart below, we seasonally adjusted the series with the X-13 method and rebased the series from 2015. The chart shows the latest rise of e-commerce in relation to the more traditional ways of shopping in Italy.


Israel: Components of State of the Economy

Additionally, we’ve added the components of Israel’s leading indicator, the State of the Economy Index. The indices show the direction the economy is moving in through changes in each of these components.

The bar chart below displays the latest value, the value observed 5 years ago, and the percentage change between them.


Data Additions by Country / Region


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