More UK Election Polls, Hong Kong Centa-Valuation Index, Global Risk Index, and more

United Kingdom, Polls, Britain Elects, Political Parties

In this week’s data additions, we’ve increased our coverage on the forthcoming election in the UK.

As can be seen in the chart, the Brexit Party has lost its momentum since summer, while the Conservatives have been rising from around 22% to almost 43%.


China, Yield Curve, Offshore Renminbi (CNH) Bond, Yield to Maturity

We’ve also added data for offshore renminbi bond yields (CNH). In these two yield curves it is possible to see the different maturities from 1-10 years for China sovereign bonds as well as for China policy bank bonds. The curves that have the notation ‘-1y’ indicate how the curves looked one year ago.


Hong Kong, Real Estate Indicators

According to new real estate indicators for Hong Kong that have been added to our database, banks’ appraisal of residential units could be lowered in the following weeks.
The Centa-Valuation Index (CVI), is a diffusion index that acts as an indicator of property price trends.

In this chart, we have lagged the Centa-Salesman Index to best correlation (3 weeks). If the CVI mimics the movement of CSI, it might come close to the crucial juncture of 50 on the diffusion index scale.


Global Risk & Lack of Coping Capacity

We’ve also added new data from Index for Risk Management (INFORM) this week.

In this chart, you can see a noticeable relationship between global risk and lack of coping capacity among the countries included.


Data Additions by Country / Region


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