WIPO’s Patent Data, OECD’s International Migration Database, and more

WIPO: Patent Activity by Applicant’s Origin

In this week’s data additions, we’ve included data from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). As displayed in this chart, it’s now possible to get data series on patent applications in the United States by the applicant’s country of origin.

It is noticeable from the chart that the three Asian countries, namely Japan, South Korea, and China have been increasing their patent activity during the last 15 years, while Germany is almost on the same level as 15 years ago.


Germany: Establishments on short-time work

We’ve also increased our coverage of business statistics in Germany including the number of establishments on short-time work.

In the chart below, we can see how short-time work surged across all establishment sizes after the financial crisis in 2008, but gradually declined to its original lower figures.


South Korea: Current Account, Service Trade

We have also added new data on South Korea’s current account balance consisting of trade in services. The data is very granular and includes the balance, credit and debit of trade in services.

The bar chart shows the last value of the total along with its level 2 components sorted from highest to lowest.


OECD: International Migration Database

We’ve also added more data from OECD this week. This chart was created from OECD indicators taken from their International Migration Databases.

The bubble chart, which was created using the Scalar analysis, shows the current population as well as the forecasted 2100 population on the Y-axis; the X-axis shows the rate of change of the population; and the size of the bubble indicates the amount of asylum seekers as a ratio of total population.


Data Additions by Country/Region


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