European Fuel Consumption Data, Chinese Liquid Liabilities by Province, & More

World Bank: G10 wealth accounting per capita

In this week’s data additions, we’ve added some more data from the World Bank, including total wealth, human capital and produced capital for many countries in both absolute values and per capita. We’ve also added data on natural capital and net foreign assets.

This bar chart lists the G10 countries in a descending order from highest to lowest total wealth per capita.


Chile: Business confidence Index, Manufacturing outlook

We’ve also increased our coverage of business surveys in Chile with data from the Chilean institute of Rational Business Administration (ICARE) that includes surveys on construction, manufacturing, mining, and quarrying and trade.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted the manufacturing outlook of different indicators with a 3-month moving average. The chart shows a discouraging outlook with many indices taking a plunge since the start of protest in Chile except for prices, costs and wages.


China: Liquid liabilities as % of GDP by Province

A highlight from the Chinese data we’ve added is liquid liabilities as percentage of GDP by province.

Looking at the data, provided by the China National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), it’s possible to see that the range for liquid liabilities from 1993-2017 is largest for Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Zhejiang. The highest latest value is observed for Guangdong at a value of 6.5%.


EC: Kilotonnes gas oil & passenger car registrations

On the ESG side, we’ve also added fuel consumption data from the European Commission (DG ENERGY). In this scatter chart, you can see passenger car registration on the horizontal axis, and kilotonnes of gas oil consumed on the vertical axis.


Data Additions by Country/Region


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