BIS Foreign Claims, Brazil Bankruptcies, Germany regional tax revenues, and more

BIS: Foreign claims by sector

This week, we’ve added new data on foreign claims from BIS (The Bank for International Settlements) for many countries. In the chart below, we focused on examining the amount of foreign claims for different sectors in Sweden. We performed an annual rate of change on all the sectors to be able to see the yearly changes, and then compared it to the total (in USD). You can see how Swedish foreign claims have dropped sharply since Q1 2019.



Brazil: bankruptcy orders by enterprise

In the recent data additions, we’ve added detailed data on bankruptcies in Brazil by region, sector, consumers and enterprises.

In this chart we’ve used Macrobond to calculate the percentage proportion of bankruptcy orders by company size. The chart shows that most bankruptcy orders were driven by small businesses, with medium sized businesses taking the lead only in December 2019. Since the summer this year, small business bankruptcy orders have surged climbing up above 60 percent while the medium and large businesses bankruptcy orders have been in decline.


Germany: tax revenues

We’ve also added data on Germany’s tax revenues by type, including detailed components for all federal states.

The chart below compares the annual general government revenues from different types of taxes for 2018 and 2010. We aggregated the series annually and displayed the December values for both years on the chart.


Vietnam: Ratio of Non-Performing Loans and Total Outstanding Loans

This week’s data additions also include data regarding the performance of credit institutions in Vietnam. With this data it is now possible to chart the ratio of non-performing loans to the total loans for all sectors. As we can see in the chart below, the ratio of non-performing loans has been decreasing steadily, reaching an all-time low 2019. However, the amount of total loans has also been rising for the last eight years.


Data Additions by Country/Region


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