South Korea production by region, IMF CPI breakdowns, and more

South Korea: Industrial production, inventory and shipments by region

Recent data additions to the Macrobond database include much more detailed data from the Asian markets. For example, we’ve recently added a South Korean dataset which includes industrial production by region.

In the column chart below, you can see how industrial production, shipments, and inventory, have changed since last year in different regions of South Korea.

chart of industrial production, inventory and shipments by regions in South Korea


Japan: Treasury bill auction

We’ve also added T-bill auctions from Japan, which means you can now explore auction bidding statistics for Japanese treasury bonds.

The bid-to-cover ratio is a good indicator of the overall demand for the auctions. As you can see in the chart below, the demand for T-bills in Japan is still quite high, although not on same level as last year.

Chart of japanese treasury bills issuead and bid-cover ratio


Mexico: loans to the non-banking private sector

We’ve also increased our coverage of Mexcio’s lending market with data on commercial bank loans to the non-banking private sector.

In the chart below, we plotted the outstanding consumption loans as per capita ratios. We also performed a currency conversion to US dollars. As seen in the chart, total outstanding loans along with credit card loans were on a steep increase from the beginning of the century until the financial crisis in 2008.

Chart of mexico commercial bank loans to private sector per capita


IMF: Consumer price index

In recent weeks, we’ve also expanded our coverage of CPI as reported by the IMF, including its most granular components for many countries.

The bar chart below shows the average change of some CPI components for advanced economies. You can see the average yearly change for the past five years, indicated by the blue dot, as well as a range from the lowest to the highest yearly change value in the last 5 years. Countries in the chart were chosen according to the IMF definition of advanced economies.

chart of change in inflation components in advanced economies, IMF CPI


Data Additions by Country / Region


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