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Coronavirus Tracker – Cases, Hospitalizations & Recoveries by Region in Italy, Spain, US, France

The coronavirus pandemic is showing signs of relief as some of the most hard-hit countries are starting to bend the curve. These signs of recovery are also translating into the financial markets, and many indices are turning green this week. We recently increased our regional data coverage for several countries to include the number of people that have been hospitalized, in intensive care or have recovered. We can now take a deeper dive into the regional impact of the coronavirus on the countries that had the highest number
of cases in Europe, as well as the US.

The charts below are automatically updated when new data is released, so they always show the latest number of cases and the percentage change from a week ago. As of today (April 9), Italy is showing a substantial increase in the number of people that have recovered from the coronavirus, while the number of people hospitalized or put in intensive care is trending downwards. This data is reported by Italy’s department of civil protection.


As of today (April 9th), the region of Catalonia is still struggling with an increase in hospitalized patients of 45 percent from last week, while the situation in Madrid is exhibiting signs of improvement with a decrease of 12,7 percent of people hospitalized and 4,2 percent of people put in intensive care. This data is from the Spanish ministry of health.


At the time of writing this article, the U.S. continues to be the leading country in terms of number of coronavirus cases, and New York is an obvious outlier. It is, however, also evident that highly populated states with the most densely populated major cities are at the top. This data is produced by the COVID tracking project.

United States

In France, the number of hospitalization and intensive care cases is still relatively high, but the significant growth in recoveries from last week is a very reassuring sign. This data is from the French national public health agency.


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