Consensus Economics Long-term Forecasts Available via Macrobond

Longer-term 3-10-year Consensus projections, including historical forecasts dating back to 1989, are compiled quarterly by Consensus Economics for over fifty countries across four regions, covering macroeconomic variables such as GDP, inflation and interest rates.

Working in collaboration with leading macroeconomic survey firm Consensus Economics, Macrobond is now displaying historical and current long-term forecasts for over 50 countries in the G7 & Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin American regions. These historical databases are divided into four separate modules and include data that Consensus has been collecting for more than 25 years. These series are a supplemental service to the monthly near-term (one- and two- year), consensus forecasts which have been available on Macrobond since 2013. If you’d like to know more about the one and two-year forecasts please see this post.

More about the data

Twice each year (then four times a year, beginning July 2014), Consensus Economics has surveyed for long-term forecasts for all major economies. Leading forecasters are polled for their views concerning the principal macroeconomic indicators, including GDP, inflation, current account, and bond yields. In addition to the consensus (mean), the new databases also include the high, low and standard deviation of the long-term consensus figures since 2005. The horizons for the featured projections extend to ten years into the future and their evolution through time can also be easily observed (see graph below).


How to Obtain the Data

By subscribing to the Consensus Economics databases via Macrobond, you can access current and historical monthly Consensus Economics country forecast data. However, please note that the Long-Term Historical and Current Forecast Data services are a supplemental data service and must therefore be purchased with the current 1- and 2-year historical data modules.

If you are not already a Macrobond user and would like to access this data via the Macrobond application, please contact Macrobond. If you are an existing Macrobond client, please contact your account manager to discuss acquiring a license.

About Consensus Economics

Consensus Economics Inc., founded in 1989, is the world’s leading international economic survey organisation. Each month Consensus Economics polls more than 700 economists around the world to obtain their economic forecasts and views for the principle macroeconomic variables, for over 50 countries. They then calculate the “consensus forecast”, which is defined as the mean average of the forecasts of the expert individual country panellists. Consensus Economics is often seen as the macroeconomic forecast benchmark by investment and planning managers, as well as government and public sector institutions, who find its data useful and accurate. A more detailed explanation of the company’s survey work is found here.

About the Macrobond Application

The Macrobond application is home to an extensive collection of macroeconomic and financial data, easy-to-use analytics tools, and smart data visualization tools. It helps users to explore data, answer questions, make decisions, and communicate insights in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

The result is a powerful research system that enhances productivity, simplifies daily tasks and is supported by excellent, personal service.

Find out more about the Macrobond application tools and data here

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