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Live COVID-19 Dashboard

Our team of analysts put together a collection of charts to help you keep track of the COVID-19 health crisis and its economic and financial impact.

These charts are all automatically updated as new data is released.

Here’s What’s Included

  1. Health Crisis
  2. Economic Impact
    1. Global Overview
    2. Advanced Economies
      o Economic Indicators
      o Equities
      o Interest Rates
    3. Developing Economies
      o Economic Indicators
      o Interest Rates & Currency
    4. Commodities

Health Crisis

A live heat map to track the spread/recovery of COVID-19 throughout G20. Red observations indicate that the # of new cases is above its 5-day average, while green observations indicate the # of new cases is below the 5-day average.

Tracking the Virus (situation report)

confirmed COVID 19 corona virus cases by country

new COVID19 cases per day

COVID19-Dynamic of virus for various countries(with Us world ex china)

Due to different countries’ testing practices, it’s been argued that the number of cases may not be the best data to compare. Here’s a collection of charts comparing the number of COVID-19-related deaths in Italy (blue line) to a number of other countries.

Cumulative COVID-19 Related Deaths vs. Italy

You can open the Macrobond document containing all of these charts here.

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Corona deaths vs Italy

Economic Impact

Global Overview

macro risk index and confirmed corona cases outside china

Global Stock Market Indices in bear market territory (MSCI)

Global Policy Rate Aggregates

G20 Policy Rate Dashboard

G20 Asset Dashboard

Advanced Economies

Economic Indicators – Advanced Economies

U.S. Leverage Households & Nonprofits

Global PMI US Treasury

TIPS spread

PredictIT prob recession

Rail Traffic in the United States

Google's Daily Mobility Dataset

supply chain risk in South Korea


Equity performance since 01.2020

Macrobond covid19 index MSCI

VIX SP 500

US Equity performance sectors

Interest Rates – Advanced Economies

Yield curves DE, JP, CH, US

US yield curve

Nom interest rates US

Mon velocity US

Developing Economies

Economic Indicators – Developing Economies

predictit Chinese GDP Q1

China PMI

Volume of passenger transport China

commercialized residential buildings

Thailand arrivals

Interest Rates and Currency – Developing Economies


Currency performance


Gold and silver

Brent and broad dollar

Baltic Dry

Means of Production (China)

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