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Signs of Australian Labor Market Bouncing Back: New High Frequency Indicators

We can see an upward trend in the Australian labor market starting in April, as indicated by the Australian Employee Job and Wage indices.  These are new, weekly estimates of payroll jobs and wages paid created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to allow for a more frequent assessment of COVID-19’s impact on people and businesses. We added this dataset to the Macrobond dabatase just last week.

Here, we’ve plotted the total indices, but we also carry breakdowns by gender, region, and industry.

Chart showing Australian employee job and wage indices bouncing back.

Taking a look at how the impact has varied by age and gender, the chart below shows that females of all ages were more affected than males since last month, but the numbers are substantially higher for women under 20 since 3 month ago.

Chart showing Australian employee jobs index by age and gender

In terms of wages, women have been doing much better than men if we look at the change from month ago but if we take a look at change from 3 month back than we get a different picture with women wage index change being higher only after the age of 29.

Chart showing Australian employee wage index by age and gender

Below, you can find a list of all the data we’ve added to the Macrobond database in the past two weeks.

Data Auditions by Country / Region

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