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Roger takes a look at the some of the graphs that have recently been circulating about the Italian economy and its dismal debt situation

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Quite a predicament

According to Roger, ECB is in quite the predicament. Activity indicators are easing. Inflation, especially the core kind, is very low. And yet, there is something else going on. Up-stream cost pressures are on the rise. How should the ECB interpret this? – To get Roger’s answer, read on!

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Early bird

This week, Roger has opted for an early release of the blog as he built a tool for dissecting the upcoming US labor market data. This means there is less ranting (on Roger’s side) and more charting for us readers – A welcome change (according to Roger)!

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Current currencies

– It’s alive! This week Roger is clearly preparing for Halloween carving out a couple of monstrosities of graphs. We pray they will not turn on their creator but instead be put to use for the sake of the common good.

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Not Everything is Black & (William) White

After reading a rather ominous column by the economist William White, and hearing that Paul Romer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, our very own market pundit, Roger Josefsson, was inspired to build a few charts and write a few comments. It wouldn’t be Roger if there weren’t clouds on the horizon, but timing is – as Roger puts it – everything…

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After being on the move for a long time, not to mention jet-lagged, Roger was all Powell-ed up after attending a talk by the FED-chair.

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A FED watch-out!

Today Roger walks us through the economic discussions currently surrounding the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meetings.

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Framing EMEs

There’s an EME-crisis everywhere you turn these days, it seems. In today’s post Roger puts the current woes through the lens of central bank actions.

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