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Pundits Dropping in a Half-pipe

There have been a few changes in perspective when it comes to the economic and financial outlook this year. Roger takes a look at the latest PMI figures and wonders if the pundits will do yet another 180 this year.

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Working in the Coal Mine

This week, Roger has been moving some sixteen terabytes of data working in the code mine where he nonetheless unearthed a couple of charts highlighting how the US administration’s attempts to increase coal production are panning out.

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By the Way

Is the Phillips-relation non-linear, and is it possible to utilize this relationship in current tight labor markets to jump-start inflation?

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Running a “High-Pressure” Economy

This week, Roger returns to a subject that he has delved into many a time in this forum, the Phillips-curve. But instead of discussing whether it is dead, dormant or alive and kicking he goes looking for evidence that running a “high-pressure” economy is good policy. How does this relate to the current economic policy debate? – Well, read on!

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Stop being so sensitive!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the title refers to financial prima donnas, when in fact I’m reflecting on something that has populated a fair share of my conversations with clients – the looks and moves of the yield curve.

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Expectation Management

This week Roger takes a deeper look at how the PMI compares to “real” data, and posits that it is a close relative to the good old confidence fairy. While these forward-looking indices are very popular they may need a pinch of salt (or two) before being liberally applied to your economic and financial outlook.

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Fifty Shades of Gray

It’s over. Not life as we know it, but the very first Macrobond Conference. Find out what views were discussed and get the accompanying charts to work with in the application.

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