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The Week Ahead in Charts – Week of July 13th, 2020

This chart pack covers the macroeconomic highlights that we’re looking forward to this week. All of the charts below are published including data as of Friday the 3rd of July. To make sure you always have the latest data included in your favorite chart, click the button below the chart to add it to your own watchlist in Macrobond Live. You can save up to 20 charts for free for as long as you like, and you can switch them out depending on which you find most interesting for the moment.

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Fundamentally British

Today, taking a step back from discerning the see-saw movements of financial markets, Roger is having a look at the fundamentals of the UK economy after the recent release of a new budget and just ahead of the Brexit-negotiations restarting shortly.

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Financial Markets’ Red Wedding

Last week was to financial markets what the Red Wedding was to Game of Thrones – meaning pretty much everybody got slaughtered. Our new client specialist and economist , Julius Probst, makes his debut on the Macro n’ Cheese blog today, as he couldn’t not spend his weekend analyzing what’s happening in markets and what this can mean for the rest of 2020.

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A Chart Pack to Track COVID-19

This collection of charts summarizes the situation, both in China and in the rest of the world, after the Corona outbreak. They’re automatically updated as new data is released, so you can use it to track developments in the coming weeks and months. Since the commentary was written on February 28, it may not always match the updated data.

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Loaded With Debt

The unforeseen is the norm when it comes to recession-triggering events, so our in-house economist could be wrong about what the defining moment of this expansion will be. Nonetheless, he raises a couple of ever-important questions in today’s blog.

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The UK Productivity and Welfare Paradox

A recent article on the voxEu site – where our Chief Economist, by the way, spends way too much time – on the paradox of stagnant real wages and rising living standards in the United Kingdom, has garnered some attention. Roger has taken a deeper look at it.

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The People’s Bank of China in Action

After last week’s piece on China’s Year of the Rat by our NY office, Roger was so inspired that he collected a few extra charts on the Chinese economy – this time, focusing on monetary and fiscal policy.

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