Your Overview of Data Additions

Sweden: Forecasts from ESV

Among the recent additions to the Macrobond database is extensive forecast data from the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV), including Sweden’s budget balance, expenditure, debt, GDP, labour market and more.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted the forecast of Sweden’s revenue from taxes on labour, consumption, capital and other sources with an outlook up to 2023.


South Africa: Current Account Balances

We’ve also increased our coverage of balance of payment data for South Africa. We now provide several different balances of specific areas such as secondary income, trade in goods and trade in services.  

In the chart below, we show the total current account balance that we already provided, together with the new specific balances as stacked columns. The chart gives a more nuanced picture of the increasingly large deficit South Africa has been trying to accommodate to since the beginning of the century.


Higher education statistics

We’ve also increased our coverage of data concerning higher education. We now carry data on the number of enrolled students by education and gender for a range of countries.

In this chart, we’ve plotted the total number of students enrolled in higher education for South Korea, Japan, Netherlands and Germany in proportion to each nation’s total population (this was done easily using the Ratios feature in Macrobond!) We have also completed the chart with trend lines.



Austria: Unemployment by industry

Another highlight of our recent data additions is our increased coverage of unemployment in Austria, including unemployment by industry and gender as well as by profession and gender.

The bar chart below shows the latest values of the number of people unemployed by industry and gender along with the values observed 10 years ago. The 10-year percentage change is also displayed for men and women in each industry.


Data Additions by Country / Region


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