Your Overview of Data Additions

Sweden: Historical national accounts

One group of series we added to the Macrobond data recently is Sweden’s historical national accounts. Some of these series, related to GDP, employment, exports etc., date back to 1600 and have data up until 2010.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted number of people employed in Sweden by industry from 1860 to 2010. You can see the historical employment shift from agriculture to other sectors.


Netherlands: Average hourly wage

We’ve also added average wage data for the Netherlands. We now have monthly and yearly average wages by industry, including and excluding overtime, bonuses and allowances.

In the bar chart below, we show the current average hourly wage per sector in comparison to the value eight years ago.


South Korea: Budget Projections

Another highlight from our latest additions is data on South Korea’s budget projection up to the year 2022.

In the chart below, we’ve plotted the projected total revenues and expenditures and stacked budget projection by industry, showing the current and projected budget allocation to each sector.


Malaysia: Net portfolio investment by country

We’ve also increased our coverage of Malaysia’s net portfolio investment by blocks of countries. We now carry this data for various regions and countries.

The chart below shows the range from the highest to lowest value for selected countries since 2008 with the latest value displayed as the dotted blue line within the range.


Data Additions by Country / Region


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