Your Overview of Data Additions

Israel: Expenditure approach

We’ve recently added spending data for Israel that is used to estimate GDP.

In the chart below, we’ve added the various components as stacked columns and the total GDP as a line.


Australia: Mortgage lending rates

Our coverage for Australia’s mortgage lending rates has also increased. We’ve added securitized housing loans indicating the average outstanding variable rates.

In this chart, we’ve plotted the interest-only rates and the principal plus interest rates for both investors and owner-occupier. You can see how actual interest rates paid have changed over time.


Taiwan: Business surveys

We’ve also greatly increased our coverage of Taiwan’s business surveys, adding data from the National Development Council. We now carry survey data by industry and totals for manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI, including a range of sub-indices. 

In the chart below, we’ve plotted the survey for new orders and production along with the PMI. A horizontal line at 50 helps us see when the value drops below or rises above 50.


Data Additions by Country / Region




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