Your Overview of Data Additions

Turkey: Foreign debt payment projections

We’ve recently added Turkey’s projections for their foreign debt payments up to 2024. This data includes the projected amount of principal and interest Turkey expects to pay to both the private and public sectors.

You can see these projections displayed as stacked columns in the chart below, with the total being displayed as a line. It’s interesting to note Turkey’s projected spike in debt payments in 2024.


Brazil: Presidential job approval ratings

We have also added presidential approval data for Brazil. You can now view time series showing how much Brazilians have approved of their presidents since 1992.

In this chart, we have plotted presidential job approval ratings from the beginning of Dilma Rousseff’s presidency until the latest figures for the newly elected Jair Bolsonaro.


Malaysia: Tourism statistics

We’ve also increased our coverage of tourism data for Malaysia. We now carry data about hotel stays and tourist receipts per country. 

In the bar chart below, we show the latest and average values of per capita expenses in Malaysia by tourists arriving from different countries.


Data Additions by Country / Region




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