Your Overview of Data Additions

Brazil: Electricity production & demand

We recently added data on electricity generation, consumption, and demand for Brazil. This data is available per region and on a national level. 

In the chart below, we show electricity demand by cardinal direction. The year over year percentage change of maximum electricity demand shows a tremendous increase in certain regions between 2010 and 2014, while demand has been more fluctuating in later years.


EU: Timbro populism index

We’ve also added the populism index from the Swedish thinktank, Timbro. This index shows the share of voters voting for left-wing or right-wing populist parties, and the total share of populist votes per country. Timbro’s definition of a populist party is available on their website.

In this bubble chart, we plot the total share of populist votes against annual GDP growth for two time periods. The size of the bubbles is determined by the size of the working age population in that country.


China: Educational statistics

We have also greatly increased our coverage of educational statistics in China. We now carry data on newly admitted and recent graduates of master studies, by field of study, giving a more detailed view on the composition of China’s future labor market

In the bar chart below, we provide the percentage change from one year ago for the newly admitted and graduate master students according to their chosen field of study.


India: Rural and Urban inflation by region

We have also further expanded our CPI data for India. The added data enables a closer regional inspection of consumer prices in addition to the national data series.

In the column chart below, we show the regional inflation data sorted by amount of inflation since one year ago. The added observation label highlights the national inflation rate for India as a comparison.



Data Additions by Country/Region


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