Your Overview of Data Additions

Italy: Interest rates on bank deposits

We’ve recently increased our coverage of Italian loan volumes and rates data. We now carry data on volume of loans to households and non-financial corporations, data that is retrieved from the Bank of Italy.

We’ve also added data on the average rate on bonds and minimum rate on short-term loans to non-financial corporations. In the chart below, these two series are aligned to the right-hand axis, compared to BIS credit data on the left side. As can be seen in the chart, the gap between the two rates has widened significantly since the financial crisis, as the amount of available credit has diminished.


Ukraine: Industry turnover by activity

We have also increased our coverage of production statistics for Ukraine. We now carry data on Industry turnover by types of good produced, giving a more granular view of what drives national GDP growth.

In the column chart below, we present the latest value for this data and compare it with the value for the same activity three years ago. The data has also been disaggregated in Macrobond. If you have Macrobond installed, you can download the chart to see how this calculation was done.


Europe: Poll of Polls for parties in the EU parliament

Just in time for the elections in May, we’ve also added polling data from Poll of Polls for the parties competing for a place in the European parliament. This data shows the support of each party as a percentage of their country’s voting-eligible population.

In this bar chart, we present the parties with the highest support from their respective country, in descending order.


Belgium: Contributions to inflation

We have also added data on CPI weights for Belgium, enabling a closer inspection of what drives inflation. In the chart below, we have used these weights to calculate the contribution of each item to the total inflation in Belgium.


Data Additions by Country/Region

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