Your Overview of Data Additions

Australia: Performance statistics for Authorized Deposit taking Institutions (ADI)

We’ve recently added a large amount of data concerning the performance of Authorized Deposit taking Institutions from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. This data includes measures like operating income and profit before taxes for banks, credit unions and other institutions authorized to handle deposits.

In this chart, we have added the total operating expense and income for all ADIs in Australia as stacked columns. The blue line is the cost-to-income ratio calculated by dividing the operating expenses by the income and multiplying it by 100.


Increased coverage of Chinese wage statistics

We have also greatly increased our coverage of Chinese wage data. This data is now available by more regions and sectors. In the column chart below, we present some measures of the minimum wage calculated across regions.


Japan: TANKAN Annual Projections

For Japan, we’ve increased our coverage of TANKAN surveys. We added surveys on graduate employment and annual projections on a range of different topics like sales, profits and exports.

In this line chart, we show the year-on-year change of the actual results from annual projections on exports for small, medium and large enterprises.


Granular coverage of CPI weights for Israel

We now have a more granular coverage of CPI weights for Israel. These weights provide a very detailed picture of how each food item affects the total inflation measure.

In the chart below, we calculated how much each item contributes to total inflation from 2009 until today. Download the chart to take a closer look at the specific numbers in the application.


Data Additions by country/region


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