Your Overview of Data Additions

Oman: Bank Credit per sector

Quite a number of data categories have been expanded for Oman during the last two weeks (see the list at the end of this post).

In this bar chart, we decided to highlight data on loans given per economic sector. We compared the proportion per sector in 2016 and 2008.

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Spain: Housing Purchase by Foreign Buyers

For the Spanish real estate market, we’ve added data about foreign buyers; transactions as well as average price. The source is the Spanish General Council of Notaries, and indicators are available as a total or per country.

In the chart below, we simply compared the grand total for both indicators – price per square meter and volume of transactions.

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Bhutan: International Reserves

We’ve just started adding data from national sources for Bhutan. To start with this week, we’ve added data on international reserves, as well as the split between convertible currency reserves and Rupee reserves.

In the chart below, we looked at convertible currency reserves along with the total, and noticed an increasing gap between the two series since 2014.

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United Kingdom: Average Temperature

For the United Kingdom, weather data has been added for the MET Office.

In the chart below, we calculated the average temperature per month since 1910, and compared it with the curve for 2017. 2018 has been added as a dot.

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Data additions by country/region


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