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BDO European Export Index

We’ve recently added European Export Indices from BDO. The BDO Export Indices are composite indicators which provide snapshots of the export markets in Europe’s five largest economies – Germany, UK, France, Italy & Spain – together accounting for around 70% of EU GDP, as well as the EU and Eurozone on the whole.

In the chart below, we compare UK Exports with the BDO UK Export Growth Index, which suggests that a slight increase of the exports’ YoY growth rate can be expected for December.

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Ghana: Central Government Budget

For Ghana, we’ve added data covering the fiscal balance of the central government: revenues, expenditures, financing as well as the budget balance.

In the chart below, we used a slice analysis to compare the last 3 fiscal exercises together with 2017, for which data has been published until September so far.

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Poland: Enterprise Sector Economic Climate

More business surveys have been added for Poland. This time, we added the Enterprise Sector Economic Climate from the National Bank of Poland. This survey covers various indicators assessing the economic situation of non-financial corporations as a sector.

In the chart below, we looked at the PLN/EUR exchange rate, relative to a series that indicates at what point the exchange rate renders exports unprofitable. The data for the latter is gathered via a survey of enterprises.

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India: Outward Remittances

For India, we’ve added Remittances & Overseas Transfers per type, from the Reserve Bank of India. In the chart below, we looked at the distribution of the total, displayed as a line, across the various types of remittances displayed as stacked columns.

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