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Swedish house price expectations from Erik Olsson, Index of Social Moods for Russia, and Indian Air Quality data

Sweden: Erik Olsson Bostadsindex (EOBi)

Even more data for insight into the ever-curious Swedish housing market, with real estate indicators from Erik Olsson, a Swedish real estate agency. Most of these indicators are expectations on house prices and variables affecting them.

In the chart below, we are comparing the actual growth rate of house prices with the price expectations for the coming 12 months, which are compiled by Erik Olsson and pushed forward by one quarter.

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Russia: Index of Social Moods

For Russia, more consumer surveys have been added form the Russian Public Opinion Research Center. The Public Mood Indices cover various indicators related to economic and social topics, from the political situation to social optimism.

In the chart below, you can compare all the variables. You’ll notice a slight increase of these indicators at the end of 2017.

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India: Air quality

For India, we’ve just added air quality data for each hour of the day. Below, you’ll find two examples of how the data can be used.

In this first chart, we calculated the average daily air quality using a cross-section analysis, to identify the seasonal patterns. You’ll see that peaks tend to happen in winter between November and January.

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In the second chart, we looked at the average air quality in 2017 for each hour of the day, using the scalar analysis function. This allows us to identify the daily peaks, which, in this case, occurred in the morning (hours 08:00 – 10:00) and in the late evening (hours 22:00 – midnight).

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