Your Overview of Data Additions

China: Manufacturing PMI by Enterprise Size

For China, we’ve increased our data coverage of the Chinese Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, by adding Manufacturing PMI indicators per company size.
In the chart below, we compared the New Export Orders Manufacturing PMI between small, medium and large enterprises. We’ve highlighted the total by using a thicker line for that series.


Norway: Monetary Policy Report; Projections by SAM

If you’re aware of the Central Bank of Norway’s System for Averaging Model (SAM), you might like to know that we’ve added the data used by the bank to construct that model. Two variables are available: CTI-ATE and Mainland GDP. Users can access the baseline scenarios as well as the various upper and lower bands.
In the chart below, we displayed the fan chart describing the CPI-ATE projections.


Cameroon: coverage from national sources

Over the last two weeks, we started adding data from national sources for Cameroon. Balance of payments, CPI, National Accounts, Foreign Trade, and Interest Rates are the first categories covered.
In the chart below, we calculated the contributions to GDP per economic sector.


Egypt: Non-Performing Loans

For Egypt, we’ve just added Non-Performing loans, expressed as a percentage of total loans.
The main pane in the chart represents the total amount of loans given by commercial banks, and the share of NPLs. The second pane displays the NPLs as % of the total loans.


Data additions by country/region



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