Your Overview of Data Additions

OECD: Real Minimum Wage data

From OECD we have added real minimum wage data. The dataset is partitioned into hourly and annual wage. It is also available as adjusted for purchasing power, expressed in USD.

In the chart below, we have displayed the year-on-year change in real minimum wage for Spain, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. The shaded areas mark periods of recession in the Euro Zone, according to CEPR.

Macrobond Document

Malaysia: Direction of Major Exports

For Malaysia, we’ve increased our coverage for Foreign Trade. You can now access exports of major commodities per country of destination.

In the bar chart below, we looked at the main countries to which Malaysia is exporting Palm Oil in 2017. The data is presented in volume, and we calculated the proportion of exports to each country. “Rest of the World” represents the sum of exports to all the other countries.

Macrobond Document

Cambodia: Balance of Payments

During the past two weeks, we also increased our data coverage for Cambodia, starting with National Accounts, Balance of Payments and Monetary Surveys.

The chart below presents the current account’s structure, expressed as percentage of GDP.

Macrobond Document

Data additions by country/region


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