Highlights of version 1.19

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We’ve summed up some of our favorite additions to the latest version of the application below. For more detailed information about these and other new features, have a look at the release notes.

Filter for focus

Data Tree

You can now limit the data you view in the data tree to only those regions you’re interested in.

It’s a simple change, but it makes finding what you’re looking for more direct, and more relevant to you.

Releases Tab

The same goes for Releases. The filter makes it possible to focus on your regions and specific sources, so that you always have a clear overview of the most important release events for your work.

Chinese New Year & Cholesky

We’ve made some additions to the analytics tools in the application. For example, a Chinese New Year regression variable is now available for X-13 seasonal adjustment (monthly), and you can use the Cholesky method for impulse response when applying a Vector Error Correction Model. See the all the changes here.

Save time charting

We’ve added a few changes that will minimize the work that goes into creating compelling charts that communicate your message clearly and look professional, especially when compiling a presentation or report.

  • Highlighting a range of observations
  • Quickly apply the style of a particular series representation (graph), ornament or annotation, using copy/paste
  • Copy and paste ornaments and annotations elsewhere in the chart or in a different chart

Maximize your productivity

A few changes that will ensure your workflow is as smooth and problem-free as possible.

  • Auto recovery – document snapshot every 30 seconds
  • Close and remember – so you can start up exactly where you left off
  • File > Revert – go back to the last saved version

How to upgrade

The new version can be installed directly via the Macrobond application by clicking on the yellow ribbon, which appears on the screen, or by selecting “Check for update” in the Help menu.

If you need assistance, a description of how to upgrade can be found here.

See the release notes for more!

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