Your Overview of Data Additions

Malaysia: Housing Prices by Region

We’ve just added housing prices by region for Malaysia. Various indicators are available: all houses, detached houses, high-rise, semi-detached houses, and terraced houses.

In the chart below we chose to illustrate the housing prices for all houses as a bar chart, sorting both calculations – value in Q3 2017, and percentage change since 2009 – independently in descending order.

Macrobond Document

Economic Complexity Index (ECI)

We’ve added a new source to the database, the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Find out more about the project here. The first dataset we added is the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). This index measures the knowledge intensity of an economy by considering the knowledge intensity of the products it exports.

In the chart below, we calculated two indices: one for the emerging markets and one for the advanced economies, using the Index Builder. Weights are based on the nominal GDP (in USD) of each country.

Macrobond Document

World: Sovereign Defaulted Debt

We’ve also added an international dataset provided by Bank of Canada. Sovereign default data provides information about the amount of defaulted debt, by creditor, in USD, for each country in the world.

In the chart below, we’ve aggregated the defaulted debt of each country, to get a total per creditor.

Macrobond Document

Data additions by country/region


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