Your Overview of Data Additions.

Hiring Declarations – France

For France, we’ve recently added more labor market indicators covering hiring declarations. The data comes from Acoss, which is the central agency for the social security organizations, and covers hiring per sector and company size.

In the chart below, we are measuring the share of CDI (open-ended contracts) in new hiring, by company size.

Macrobond Document

CPI Weights – Oman

CPI weights have just been added for Oman.

In the chart below, we used them to calculate the contribution of the main CPI components to the annual inflation rate.

Macrobond Document

Capacity Utilization in Palm Oil Mills – Malaysia

For Malaysia, we’ve added Capacity Utilization data for Palm Oil Mills on a regional level.

In the chart below, we compared the total capacity utilization with the exports of Palm Oil in volume. Not such a surprise to find a correlation between both indicators.

Macrobond Document

More NPL indicators – China

More Non-Performing Loans (NPL) indicators have been added for China in the previous weeks. You can now find NPL information per industrial sector, purpose of loans and province.

We used the NPL data per province in the bar chart below, and compared the share of NPL to the total amount of loans for 2015 and 2016. The names in bold indicate which provinces experienced a decrease.

Macrobond Document

Data additions by country/region


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