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Spain – Regional Governments

In the past two weeks, we’ve added more regional data for Spain. You can now access Public Debt data for each Regional (Autonomous) Government. In the chart below, we’ve calculated the Catalonian public debt as % of its GDP.

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For China, electricity production per region is now available in the database, either unadjusted or in an aggregated form. In the chart below, we looked at year-on-year percentage change for the top 8 regions producing electricity, and compared them with the average growth rate of all regions.

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More construction data is now available for Singapore. During the last two weeks, we’ve added series on construction contracts awarded – and the progress of payments certified – in SGD per sector, from the Singapore Department of Statistics. In the chart below, we are comparing the contracts awarded to the private sector in value, with the yearly growth rate of loans granted to the building & construction sector. Singapore recession periods are also highlighted in the chart.

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Car registrations per brand are now available for Italy. In the bar chart below, we aggregated the car registrations on an annual basis, and calculated the proportion of each brand as a percentage of the total for September 2017, together with percentage change since the previous year. Only the TOP 20 brands are listed in the chart, the others are grouped under the category “Other brands”, through the Cross Section analysis.

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Data additions by country/region


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