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Macrobond re-brand

We’re excited to announce that as of Thursday the 21st of September 2017, Macrobond took on a new logo and brand identity, and launched our new website.

As always, we like to keep things evolving, which is why we felt it was time to refresh the brand identity to mark all the changes, learning curves and milestones we have passed, as we move into our tenth year as a company.

The new website will help us communicate who Macrobond is, showcase our products and keep you updated with news about new application features, partnerships, and data additions. It will also be home to a new blog we recently launched where you’ll find weekly posts from our chief economist, Roger, with his thoughts on market events that catch his eye (subscribe here).

If you’re a user, the next update of the application (in addition to all the new features) will include a few related changes. The new logo will naturally be used in charts and some of the colors have been updated to reflect the new brand identity. We will also be updating the Macrobond Standard style sheet. This style sheet will be available regardless of which version of the application you run. If you have a custom style sheet as your default this will not be affected.

We hope that you like these changes as much as we do, and as always, look forward to hearing your feedback!

Macrbond new logo

Our new logo: keeping things simple and straight forward, just like we do

Macrobond chart

Macrobond standard: The new stylesheet and logo

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