Your Overview of Data Additions

Spain: Barometer of political opinion

We’ve added the barometer of political opinions provided by the Center of Opinion Studies of the Government of Catalonia (CEO). This data is updated on a quarterly basis. The bar chart below displays the vote estimates as of 31st October 2017.

The 2017 Catalan Regional election will be held on Thursday 21st December 2017, to elect the 12th Parliament of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. All 135 seats in the Parliament will be up for election. The election was called by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy after invoking Article 155 of the Spanish constitution and declaring the entire Catalan government removed from office.

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Germany: IFO Dispersion Index

We’ve recently added more indicators from IFO. In the chart below, you can compare the dispersion index of the IFO business survey for different sectors of the economy.

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Hong-Kong: Port-cargo throughput

For Hong-Kong, we’ve added more indicators related to port activity. In the cart below, we looked at the annual growth rate of the merchandises loaded and discharged from cargo, and compared it to exports and imports (in Y/Y % change) in a second pane.

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