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Fundamental Investment Cues. A New Indicator.

The stock market has been rising more or less uninterrupted for more than a decade now and our ever-so-dismal economist is, of course, scratching his head over it. Why don’t you write a blog about it?, we asked. – Here is what he came up with – it includes a new indicator that works better than some of the best: CAPE, Tobin’s Q, etc.

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Economic Supervision of all the Gretas

Roger has finally decided to cover a (forgive the pun) “hot” topic: carbon dioxide emissions. In particular, he addresses what he thinks is a common misperception – that it is only very poor, or very rich, countries that are sustainable.

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Ready for Trends to Break in 2020?

In his first blog post of the year (and decade!), our favorite economist gives a somewhat different outlook for the coming year, primarily using charts available to all Macrobond users in the Market Maps library. The picture he paints of developments in 2020 looks quite different from market consensus.

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The Top 5 Events That Shook Markets in 2019

Violent protests, Incendiary Brexit talks and capricious trade negotiations. Our team of analysts has created a list of the top five most impactful events of 2019, with an accompanying chart, of course. Check out the top five events that will have effects long after the dust from new year’s rockets has settled.

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Resurrecting the Phillips Curve

This week, Roger was set to keep it simple. He found one half-done graph on his desktop and ended up with an entirely new way of looking at labor markets, one which brings the old Phillips Curve back to life.

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Latin Spring…or Autumn?

Political & economic turmoil is not unusual for Latin America. It is a region of outliers—both in the past and present. In this post, Macrobond New York reviews the state of the region and its most troubling economies.

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Squinted Interest Rate Crystal Gazing

After some comments on last week’s post, Roger has squinted his eyes one more time trying to see if the crystal ball reads any clearer on interest rate developments. Our take: “it’s complicated.”

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Interest Rate Crystal Gazing

This week we’re going back to the basics of, or maybe even the – admittedly somewhat tragic – raison d’être for our own in-house economist; the (future) ups and downs of interest rates and financial markets.

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Recession Influenza

In this week’s post, Roger tries to track the recession bug that’s currently spreading over the world and he tries to trace its origins all the way back to the mysterious ‘patient zero’. – But, come on Roger, isn’t the real question how many more central-bank-administered flu-shots we need to save us from another economic cold?

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