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Market Monetarism – Part 2

In my previous blog post, I explained some of the core tenets of market monetarism, and also described the NGDP gap from the Mercatus Center, which we just added in Macrobond. In what follows, I will show some alternative data, including prediction markets, that market monetarists use and that we also have in Macrobond.

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Doing the unthinkable

This week, our sometimes quixotic Roger Josefsson has set out to do the unthinkable and fight the long run Phillips curve! Does he succeed? Let us just say that he would probably have done better tilting at windmills.

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It’s Kryptonite!

In this week’s “Tales from the Cryptocurrencies” Roger latches on to the current Bitcoin-mania and lands in a communist utopia.

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Indecent talk

In this week’s piece Roger delves into a nascent discussion on whether the Euro Area is finally out of the doldrums

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Trading Ideas

This week Roger shares some thoughts on global trade, which he presented at the NABE conference in the US over the past weekend.

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