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Regional & Global Aggregate Data from Consensus Economics

A new database of forecast aggregates available, covering GDP, inflation and current account.

In collaboration with Consensus Economics we have launched a new Regional and Global Aggregate database. As of November 2017, Macrobond users will be able to access and manipulate monthly Regional and Global GDP, Consumer Price Inflation and Current Account forecast data. The regional time series data (reaching back to 1998 in most cases) is seamlessly integrated into the application database and can be combined with all the other data users have access to, for creating charts, reports and presentations.

Regional and Global Aggregate forecasts for GDP, Inflation, and the Current Account (US$ Billion) are calculated using the Consensus individual country forecasts, and weighting them according to market exchange rates and nominal GDP levels.

The two charts below are examples of these database additions:

  • The progression of Asia Pacific GDP forecasts, displaying the gradual increase in aggregate growth expectations for the region since the late 1990s
Macrobond Document
  • A comparison of different regional GDP growth forecasts in 2017, showcasing the contrasting growth trajectories that these regions are undertaking in the current climate
Macrobond Document

Get the data

By subscribing to the Consensus Economics databases via Macrobond, you can access current and historical monthly Consensus Economics Regional and Global Aggregate forecasts for the World, North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the European Union and Other Regions.

If you are not already a Macrobond user and would like to access this data via the Macrobond application, feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration or trial. If you are an existing Macrobond client, please contact your account manager to discuss acquiring a license.

About Consensus Economics

Consensus Economics Inc., founded in 1989, is the world’s leading international economic survey organisations. Each month Consensus Economics polls more than 700 economists around the world to obtain their economic forecasts and views for the principle macroeconomic variables, for over 90 countries. They then calculate the “consensus forecast”, which is defined as the mean average of the forecasts of the expert individual country panellists. Consensus Economics is often seen as the macroeconomic forecast benchmark by investment and planning managers, as well as government and public sector institutions, who find its data useful and accurate. A more detailed explanation of the survey methodology is found here.

About the Macrobond Application

The Macrobond application is home to an extensive collection of macroeconomic and financial data, easy-to-use analytics tools, and smart data visualization tools. It helps users to explore data, answer questions, offer insights and make decisions, in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

The application also makes work-flow integration and standardization across offices or teams simple. Centralizing work-product allows for transparency and continuity of output, despite changes in teams or departments, minimizing the loss of time and costs that would otherwise be expected.

The application also enhances productivity by seamlessly integrating with Bloomberg and other commercial datasets, statistical programs such as Eviews and R, Microsoft office suite, and other publishing and presentation tools.

The result is a powerful hub of data, tools and work product, seamlessly connected in the Macrobond application, and supported by excellent, personal service.

Find out more about the Macrobond application tools and data here.