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2010-10-19App features

New version of Macrobond released (1.1.69)

Macrobond has today released a new major version of the Macrobond Application!
Macrobond has today released a new version of the Macrobond application. This is a new generation of research solutions that enables sophisticated analysis across millions of financial and economic time series, instruments, securities and indicators worldwide.

You can upgrade in the application by clicking the yellow bar that appears near the top or by Help > Check for Update. A description of how to upgrade if you need help from the IT-department is given here. Simply click Upgrade for further instructions.

Selection of new functionality

  • New graph types: Stacked columns, Stripe, Area, Stacked area. The graph layout dialog is completely new.

  • You can select the chart view size. The purpose of this option is to make it easier to copy and view charts in exact sizes. This is an application setting how all charts are viewed in the application and is not stored in the documents themselves. You can save a list of favorite sizes for quick access.
    When you edit a chart embedded in an Office document, the view size will automatically be the same as the size of the embedded chart and if you change it then it will also be changed in the Office document.
  • A new analysis tool called Performance. With this analysis you can measure the performance starting at a specific point in time.
  • New formula functions: Beta, Intercept, Variance, Covariance
  • Setting of the language used in charts. This changes the date format and decimal separator. This setting can be specified in a style sheet.
  • The legend now contains text indicating whether a graph is plotted against the left or the right Y axis. The default texts are “lhs” and “rhs”. This setting can be specified in a style sheet.
  • Textboxes can now have automatic size. You can select to have the width and/or height automatically adjusted to fit the content. The margin can be adjusted and can also be specified in a style sheet.
  • If the legend would contain only one item, and the Main title is automatic, the graph description is used in the Main title instead of the legend. If the Main title is hidden or uses a custom text, then the graph description will be added to the legend instead.
  • The Excel add-in now has an Overview mode where you can add easily most of the key series found as Actions in the main application.
  • You can copy/paste series codes in the Excel add-in and you can change the order of series.
  • New menu command: File|Duplicate in Analytics. This will open a new tab with a duplicate of the current document.

Selection of new content

  • Real Broad Effective Exchange Rate Indices from JP Morgan. The indices are available under Economics - by category > Interest & Exchange Rates > FX Indices > J.P. Morgan
    Macrobond offer a broad range of FX Indices from sources such as Bank of England, BIS, OECD, Federal Reserve, ECB and others.
  • Macrobond is continuously expanding its data coverage with new and relevant data sets. If particular series are needed, they may be added upon request.