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2010-08-04App features

Macrobond launches the new version (1.0.46)

Macrobond has continued to expand and develop the content and features in the Macrobond application throughout the summer. In this news bulletin you'll find more information about new data and features available.
Macrobond has continued to expand and develop the content and features in the Macrobond application throughout the summer. The new version can be installed directly in Macrobond by clicking the yellow line that appears on the screen or by Help > Check for Update. A description of how to upgrade if you need help from IT-department is given on this page in the Upgrade section.

Selection of new functionality

  • The added option for setting a custom title or using the expression as a title in the Series list.This can, for instance, be used to get comprehensive titles for your formula expressions.
  • Added graph type "Fill". This graph type fills the backround with a specified color. You use a formula to determine if the background should be filled or not for each point. For instance, if you enter a formula like “sek > nok” and then use the Fill graph type for the resulting series, the background will be filled where the exchange rate SEK/USD is higher than NOK/USD.
  • In the previous version Macrobond added Formula language with more than 80 predefined functions. In the new release we have added some new functions: StartValid(series), EndValid(series), PreviousValidObservationNumber(series, observation), NextValidObservationNumber(series, observation), AddYears(years) and AddMonths(months)
  • Implemented alternate and main scale sync modes “grid” and “value”. When the mode “value” is selected, the main and alternate scales will be the same and will be used both on the left and right axes. When the mode “grid” is selected, the tick marks and grid lines will be aligned between the main and alternate scales.
  • Added "Copy bitmap" command for charts. This can be used to copy an image of a chart to programs that do not support metafile pictures. If you cannot paste the image by using the ordinary copy command, you can try to copy it as a bitmap instead.

Selection of data added recently

  • The OECD Economic Outlook- has been integrated in the Forecasts category for each country. Macrobond also provides forecasts from the IMF World Economic Outlook and the Ameco database from DG Ecfin under Forecasts. The OECD Economic Outlook database is published twice a year and analyses the major trends and forces that shape the short-term economic prospects
  • Eurostat– Macrobond has started to add the Eurostat's principal database New Cronos. This database contains macroeconomic and social statistics data covering not only European Union (EU) Member states but also many of the central European countries, Japan, the United States and the main economic partners of the EU. The database will be continuously expanded and today it includes categories such as Foreign Finance, Government & Public Finance, Monetary Statistics and National Accounts
  • Detailed Real Estate data on a state and city level for the US. Data is available under the US and the category Construction & Real Estate
  • Rightmove House price index for the UK. indices are available under UK/Constructions & Real Estate/House Price Index/Rightmove
  • Delinquency rates for commercial banks in the US can be found under the US and the category Banking & Credit/ Delinquency rates