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Macrobond includes the AMECO database from DG ECFIN

AMECO is the annual macro-economic database with forecasts of the European Commission's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN). AMECO contains data for EU-27, the euro area, EU Member States, candidate countries and other OECD countries (United States, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Mexico, Korea, Australia and New Zealand). The Ameco data is found in the Macrobond application in the Economics view under the Forecasts category.

Variables include:
  • Balances, National Accounts
  • Capital Formation & Saving
  • Capital Stock
  • Consumption
  • Corporations
  • Cyclical adjustment of public finance variables
  • Domestic and final Demand
  • Domestic product
  • Export & Import, National Accounts
  • Foreign Trade
  • GDP (Income Approach), Labour costs
  • General government
  • Gross public debt
  • Households and NPISH
  • Monetary Variables
  • National Accounts by activity
  • National Income
  • Population & Employment
Please contact the Macrobond team for more information.