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2010-06-16App features

Macrobond launches new version (1.0.27)

Macrobond is happy to announce that we have released a new version of the Macrobond application. Our goal is to continue to rapidly expand and develop content and features. News in the latest release is included in this newsletter. Macrobond is happy to announce that we have released a new version of the Macrobond application. Our goal is to continue to rapidly expand and develop content and features. You upgrade in the application by clicking the yellow line that appears or by Help > Check for Update. A description about how to upgrade if you need help from IT-department is given on this page where you click Upgrade for further instructions.

You are always welcome to contact Team Macrobond if you have any questions. We would also like to wish all users of the Macrobond Application a Great Summer!

Kind Regards
Team Macrobond
Tel +46 (0)40 23 73 79
Email: mbinfo [at]

Selection of new functionality

  • Storage of documents - Documents with charts, tables and reports created in Macrobond can now be stored both at the personal and company account at Macrobond’s servers. This means that you can easily access Macrobond documents from different sites and computers and share your documents within the same organization. All Macrobond documents are updated automatically when opened in the Macrobond application. Documents are continuously backed up by Macrobond and it is only users within the same organization and/or user name that can access the documents. Documents can also be stored locally.
  • Getting Started with Macrobond - from this, recently updated, document you will learn the basics of the Macrobond Application and Excel add-in. The Getting Started document is available from the Macrobond Start page under Help Topics.
  • Series List in Analytics - Per series settings for frequency and missing value conversions. Additional methods implemented.
  • Rate of Change Analysis - Now looks at MoveBase and Percent attributes and tries to be smart so that conversions works as expected also when input data already has certain kinds of rate of change applied. You can override this and get the old behavior by checking the Force option.
  • Excel add-in - Fixed issues with dates in the Excel add-in so that it works with Office 2010.

Selection of data added recently

  • The J.P. Morgan Fixed Income database has been released in the Macrobond application. This database is an invaluable tool for analysis of global bond markets. The indices come with comprehensive coverage, extensive history and with a wide range of statistics. Indices include EMBI Global, GBI-EM, RUBI, CMI and many more. The J.P. Morgan Fixed Income data can be accessed over both the Overview (major indices across countries) and Time Series (for accessing the complete J.P. Morgan database).
  • The IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) presents the IMF staff's analysis and projections of economic developments at the global level, in major country groups (classified by region, stage of development, etc.), and in many individual countries. The WEO data can be accessed in the Economics view under each country/region and the forecast category. The WEO database is included in Macrobond’s core product offering.
  • Expansion of Company Fundamentals - Macrobond has expanded its coverage of fundamental data to include global peers to Nordic large caps. Comprised of interim/quarterly data and detailed historical financial statement content Macrobond Fundamentals provides you with the information you need for a global investment perspective.
  • Calculated Ratios - Macrobond has added calculated ratios on companies. The data can be accessed under Overview as specific company actions and under Time Series in Equity- Fundamentals. The number of ratios will be expanded continuously across Macrobond global universe of equity data.
  • Equity Volatility Indices - for major indices such as Stoxx, S&P and Euronext. Volatility indices can be easily accessed in Browse/Overview and from TimeSeries tab.