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Your Overview of Data Additions

New databases from World Bank and IMF, more in-depth data on Europe, and broader coverage of data for Asia

New IMF and World Bank databases added

We have added two new databases to the application, Government Finance Statistics (GFS) from IMF, and Global Financial Development (GFD) from World Bank. Both of these databases can easily be located under the specific views for the sources, in the application.

The GFS statistics are issued quarterly, covering 145 IMF member countries. The database includes statistics on revenue, expenses, transactions in nonfinancial assets and financial assets and liabilities, as well as stocks of assets and liabilities of general government and its subsectors.

The GFD database form World Bank provides statistics of financial system characteristics from 206 economies. It includes measures of financial depth, access, efficiency, and stability. The data is provided on national and regional levels, and updated annually.

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More in-depth European data

In the last two weeks, we have also added more data to our coverage of Europe. These additions are either in the form of providing more granular views of statistics, by adding new sub-categories, or providing alternative sources for indicators that are already covered. An example of the latter can be seen in the chart below.

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Broader coverage of Asian data

There’s been a general increase in additions for Asian countries, across a variety of different indicators recently. You’ll find a full list and links to the data at the end of this post, as well as two examples for South Korea and Sri Lanka in the charts below.

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Macrobond chart

Data additions by country/region


Foreign Trade (Monthly)
Financial Market Interest Rates
Volume of Construction
Yield of Government Securities in Primary Market


Pledged Supplemental Lending (PLS)
Standing Lending Facility (SLF) & Medium-Term Lending Facility (MLF)


Pension Insurance System

Czech Republic

FX Forwards
Treasury Securities by Type of Holder
Predetermined Short-Term Net Drains on Foreign Currency Assets


Unemployment by Gender
Foreign Customers Treasury Bills Outstanding


Total Industry Turnover Index
Foreign Trade Industry Turnover Index


IFO Survey on Manufacturing Industry, Expectations with Regard to Export Business in the Next 3 Months


Food Prices by Region
GDP Expenditure Approach by Regions
Implicit Price Deflator
NPL Ratio
Number of Departure Passenger of International Flight at Main Airports in Indonesia


Production Approach Total Value Added


Foreign Trade by Country
Foreign Trade by Commodity
Industrial Production of Phosphate
Residential Building Permits
Tourists Arrivals


Beirut International Airport Passengers Flow


Evolution of Average Earnings

New Zealand

Average Weekly Earnings by Gender & Region
Employment by Gender & Region
Employment by Industry & Region


Corporate Profits

Saudi Arabia

Crude Oil Export


Housing Statistics on All Sectors New Build Starts & Completions
Supply of New Housing

South Korea

Predetermined Short-Term Net Drains on Foreign Currency Assets – Loans, Securities & Deposits
Predetermined Short-Term Net Drains on Foreign Currency Assets – Aggregate Long & Short Positions in Forwards & Futures


Affiliation to the Spanish Social Security by Economic Activity
Spanish Ministry of Development Construction by Status

Sri Lanka

Domestic Credit


SBAB New Mortgage Lending Data


Credit Suisse Purchasing Managers’ Index


Public & Publicly Guaranteed Debt



Government Finance Statistics (GFS)

World Bank

Global Financial Development

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