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2016-11-03App features

Macrobond + R

The easiest way to access Macrobond data directly in R

At a certain point, it becomes undeniable that a growing number of users would benefit greatly from the addition of one feature or another. In these cases, the question remains as to what we should prioritize, and how adding these features will affect the overall usability of the application.

After an increasing number of requests, and a period of focused effort, we are happy to announce that a Macrobond API for R is now available.

Installation and use of the Macrobond API for R

To use the R API you must be running Macrobond version 1.16.26 or later. To update, simply click on Help > Check for update, in the top menu bar of the application, or see this page:

If you are unable to update the application yourself, please contact your IT department. In most cases, it is a simple process for them to execute.

Unlike with Python, for example, to activate the API for R, you will have to install an R package in R. For more information about installation, technical requirements and examples please visit this page

What can you do with the Macrobond API for R?

  • Easily access any time series from Macrobond from within R, including values, dates and metadata.
  • Convert a set of time series to a common calendar and optionally a common currency.
  • Fill in missing values using a variety of methods.
  • Upload your own series to the in-house database which can then be used in the Macrobond application, and optionally shared with others.