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Your Overview of Data Additions

BoE Bank liabilities survey, U.S. Shared National Credit data, & granular data for emerging markets

BoE Bank Liabilities Survey

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The next Bank Liabilities Survey from the Bank of England will be released on the 14th of October 2016. Until then, we have added the data from past surveys for you to peruse. This is a quarterly survey, providing insight into lenders views on the past-  and coming- 3 months. The survey provides a better understanding of the role of lenders' liabilities and capital in driving credit and monetary conditions.

“The survey covers developments in the volume and price of bank funding; developments in the loss-absorbing capacity of banks as determined by their capital positions; and developments in the internal price charged to business units within individual banks to fund the flow of new loans, sometimes referred to as the ‘transfer price’”.

- Bank of England

U.S. Shared National Credit program

The SNC program is intended to review and asses risk in the largest and most complex credits shared by multiple financial institutions. The data refers to credits of at least $20 million, shared between 3 supervised institutions or more.

Emerging markets: More granular data

You’ll find more granular data for emerging markets is being added on an ongoing basis. The latest additions include real estate data for Brazil, foreign trade data for Macedonia, and a variety of additions for Iran (best to check the list for those).

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Data additions by country


Housing rental index

International investment position


PMI manufacturing by enterprise size

Remittance & overseas transfer


Number of enterprises  


Active population

Balance of payments


External debt

Foreign trade

Government budget

National Accounts;

Production index of large manufacturing establishments

Total population



Commercial bank assets


Arrival statistics


Foreign trade

Export & import by commodity


International investment position


Balance of payments


Balance of payments


Number of enterprises


Commercial banks’ assets


Residential households by type of dwelling


Number of Enterprises


Bank of England: Bank Liabilities Survey

Northern Ireland composite economics index


Shared National Credit Program

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