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Your Overview of Data Additions

Brexit, Trillary & Emerging markets

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Current Events

One of our core focuses when it comes to deciding which data to add to the database is responding quickly to current events. Leading up to the Brexit vote, leave/remain opinion poll data was made available.

Our latest addition on the theme concerns the uncertainty around the EU, specifically whether membership in the EU is considered a good thing or a bad thing. Have a look at the chart below for a quick overview of the Eurobarometer data from DG COMM. Alternatively, you can click on the link here, or in the list at the end, to navigate straight to the data in the application.

Macrobond chart

From the other side of the Atlantic, away from Brexit chaos, but no less tumultuous, we bring you U.S. presidential poll data, from RealClearPolitics. This data covers daily opinion poll measurements on Clinton and Trump. For the moment Hillary is still holding on to a small margin, but you never can be too sure about what’s going to happen with Donald in the mix.

Speaking of which… there’s the U.S. recession probability indicator from the NY FED. The data is generated using a model which looks at the difference between 10-year and three-month Treasury rates to calculate the probability of a recession in the U.S. 12 months ahead. Have a look at the chart below, in which recession probability data is compared with ISM manufacturing PMI data.

Macrobond chart

Emerging Markets

True to form we have some additions for the emerging markets too. Foreign debt for Turkey, key macro indicators for Myanmar, as well as additions for Paraguay, Panama, and Namibia, to name a few.

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Data Additions by Country


BIS Credit to Non-Financial Sectors


House hold projections by State


 House Price Index 


National Labor Strikes by Industry

SGE Gold Benchmark Price

Czech Republic

Population by Age


Department Employment Breakdown


Demography: Applications for Asylum

Decisions on Applications for Asylum Received


Residential Property Prices


Tertiary Activities Index Weights


Tourism Statistics 

Myanmar (Burma)

Consumer Price Index


Gross Domestic Product

Total Import & export



National Accounts


Panama Canal Statistics

Economic Activity Index (IMAE)


National Accounts


Business New Entries


Short-term External Debt Stock: Currency Composition

Short-term External Debt Stock: Remaining Maturity Basis


Regional Breakdown: Net Supply of Housing

Nationwide House Price Index


RealClearPolitics Presidential Poll

Recession Probability


Duke/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey

DG COMM Eurobarometer