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Your Overview of Data Additions

BIS residential property prices, The Fed’s Survey of Consumer Finances & University of Michigan’s Survey of Consumers.


One of our many ongoing projects is to increase our coverage of Bank for International Settlements statistics (BIS). BIS data provides a unique opportunity for insight into the global financial system, intended to inform analysis of financial stability, international monetary spillovers and global liquidity. The most recent additions to the Macrobond database include data on real and nominal residential property prices. The chart below shows a selection of the countries the data is available for. To explore the data further click on the chart below to open it in the application, or follow the links provided in the list at the end of this post.


BIS Real Residential Property Prices Index


The Federal Reserve Board has conducted a survey on consumer finances every three years since 1983. This survey plays an integral role in economists understanding of U.S. consumers’ finances, providing insight into the economic conditions of a broad cross-section of American families. The most recent data are from the 2013 survey, which, among other things, show substantial disparities in the evolution of income and net worth since the previous survey in 2010. The value of the data from this survey is the depth and variety of categories which can be explored and compared.


Federal Reserve Board, Survey of Consumer Finances, Holding & Values of Debt Items


The second of our two consumer survey additions is from the University of Michigan. The survey covers three broad areas of consumer sentiment: personal finances, business conditions and buying conditions. While we previously provided the headline consumer sentiment indices, we are now offering the data booklet too. This provides more in-depth data on the statistics that form the headline indices. The data is updated monthly, with a one-month delay for the latest available time series.


University of Michigan, Survey of Consumers, Home Buying & Selling Conditions


The Data by Country


BIS Nominal Residential Property Prices

BIS Real Residential Property Prices


Spot Prices, Energy


Average Vinery Prices


External Debt Outstanding


Milan Real Estate Rent Prices

Milan Real Estate Sell Prices


Tourism, Arrivals and Departures


Gross Domestic Product


Housing Permits


Scheduled Banks’ Deposit & Loans

South Korea

GDP Contributions: Expenditure Approach


Consumer Price Index Weights


Guest Nights by Country & Accommodation

Annual Labor Force Survey


Gold Exports & Imports by Country


Wells Fargo/Gallup: Small Business Index

Survey of Consumer Finances

Years of School Completed 

University of Michigan: Survey of Consumers - Data Booklet