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Your Overview of Data Additions

Nowcasting from the New York Fed, and Forecasts from Fannie Mae

Nowcasting from the New York Fed, and Forecasts from Fannie Mae

This week we’re looking at the recently released (as of April 12th 2016), recently requested, and even more recently added Nowcasting Report, from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Why the urgency? Have a read through this article from the NY Fed to get a better idea about what’s included.

USA: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Nowcasting Report

Real estate price indicators and forecasts

Apart from our ongoing project to extend data coverage for emerging markets, we have also noted a trend in requests for more real estate data.

Ireland Real Estate Prices, Average Price, All Property Types

This week, several price indicators have been added, for Germany from VDA, as well as on a city or region level for Ireland. For the U.S., you can now find forecasted data on the real estate and construction sectors, from the U.S. agency, Fannie Mae.

US Housing starts; joined with forecast from Fannie Mae

Data additions by country/region

For a more comprehensive list of data additions made in the past few weeks, have a look at the list below. The links provided will take Macrobond users directly to the data in the application database.


BEC Import & Export
General Government Budget by State




Deposits & Loans

Euro Area

STOXX 50 Corporate Bond Index


Reserve Maintenance
VDP Property Price Index


Socio-demographic Labor Force Statistics

Hong Kong

International Investment Position


CSO Estimates of Household Income
House Prices Statistics


International Investment Position


Tourism Statistics


International Investment Position

United Kingdom

ICAP £ RIR Index


Births & Birth Rates
Fannie Mae Housing Forecast
Port of Houston Container Traffic
New York Federal Reserve Bank Nowcasting Report